I hold space for all attendees to engage and share their own thoughts. As a trained facilitator, I understand the importance of facilitating a group to ensure all voices are heard and respected.
What do you get?
Couture hand embroidery & natural dyeing tuition
Guidance on 'learning through doing'
The most up-to-date resources on sustainability
Visible Mending
I ran a series of workshops at Mend Assembly, Totnes in 2021. I worked with MA to upskill the local community through visible mending and hand embroidery.
Natural Dyeing
This workshop was to celebrate COP26 and the Dive In! exhibition that the Museums were running. We used pH-receptive natural dyes to explore the impact of ocean acidification. The outcome was a fabric artwork that attendees could take away with them.
"Sample from a really cool embroidery workshop with Jess getting us to think creatively about our plastic waste and how we can turn it into exciting things! Really ties in well with the work I’ve been doing with packaging" 
Totnes Foundation Course Student, 2021
Embroidery with Waste
Workshop with the textile students, each student learnt creative embroidery techniques which they then used throughout their course work. We discussed themes of sustainable design and fashion waste.
Crafts Council: Young Craft Citizens
Using waste plastic, I ran a creative embroidery workshop with a group of young people. We discussed topics around plastic packaging vs food waste and the infrastructure of recycling systems.
Click 'n' Sew
In collaboration with the artist Alice Burnhope, I hosted a workshop teaching basic embroidery techniques to a group of young people.
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